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Soul Motion® Everyday Dance Ritual DAY 33

Aktualisiert: 29. Apr. 2020

Day 33 of our Dance Ritual

Moya, Ananda and I dance alone at everyone's home but still together, connected at the same time in the morning.

After a pause we began again to dance this morning. Alone and together. Everyone at their home but at the same time. Time to dance, move, create, listen, see and sense whatever wants to be with us at this time.

This morning there was a lot of awareness in my back, my spine and the nerves.

Backbodyawareness. Consciousness of all the nerves running through my back and spine, connecting the physical body and the energy body.

Nadis. Sushumna. Pranayama.

We dance. That’s our practice. Soul Motion. Every day Ritual. Dancing. Creating. Being.

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