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Soul Motion® Everyday Dance Ritual DAY 6 and 7

Day 6 and 7 of our Dance Ritual

Moya, Ananda and I dance alone at everyone's home but still together, connected at the same time in the morning.

My dance of the last two days: Saturday. Sometimes there is only the dance with oneself and the dance with all that is, as we call it in Soul Motion the Dance Intimate and the Dance Infinite. Inner space. Deep Listening. Time is relative. Dancing truth. Grounding and sensing the gras underneath my feet.

Today: Allowing and inviting gentleness. Holding space for what is. Roots. Inner roots. Creative source. Creation. Patience. There are always more realities, more layers. Breathing into.

We dance. That’s our practice. Everyday Ritual. Soul Motion. Dancing. Creating. Listening.Acknowledging.

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