Soul Motion® Everyday Dance Ritual DAY48

Aktualisiert: 14. Mai 2020

Day 48 of our Dance Ritual

Moya, Ananda and I dance alone at everyone's home but still together, connected at the same time in the morning.

This morning I wanted to paint „something nice“ … I started with white and yellow ocher and wanted to make some fine Purple lines with gentle brushstrokes. What came up was this …

I mixed up the the purple and stopped. After a wile I wanted to paint a shifted, skewed face as my mood felt grumpy and skewed.

Only a coupe of minutes after I finished I saw and noticed the nose/mouth area and I realized what it might be.

We dance. That’s our practice. Soul Motion. Every day Ritual. Collective awareness. Conscious awareness. Unconscious awareness. Disconnected. Connected. Sensing, The field. Togetherness.

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