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Soul Motion® Everyday Dance Ritual DAY38

Day 38 of our Dance Ritual

Moya, Ananda and I dance alone at everyone's home but still together, connected at the same time in the morning.

During the last days of dancing there was a lot of „only the dance“, „only sitting“, „only following the breath“, „only tracking what’s happening with and within the nerves“- wow, there is so much going on there! ;) everything additionally (from the outside) felt a lot and just way too much. The dance was enough. The sitting was enough. No-thing was enough.

Today it really felt like reducing - reducing - reducing more and more from the outside to come to pure existence. That’s why we decided to have a silent-song-dance for the next three days.

No adding. Reducing. Pureness. Existence.

We dance. That’s our practice. Soul Motion. Every day Ritual. Being. With. What. Is.

(picture 1&2: day 38, picture 3: day 37)

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